Jeffrey Catherine Jones

One by one, all the greats are leaving us :(  Thank you Catherine.  Thank you for all the great art.

February 9, 1928 – May 10, 2010
Frank Frazetta, master fantasy illustrator, died this morning aged 82.
The last of the great old illustrators has gone.
And we now have to pick up the slack. Or rather we now have to fill his space.
But he's not really dead. He's left behind some of the most amazing artwork the 20th century has ever seen. His work inspired and continues to inspire countless people throughout the world. Artists have been inspire to become artists because of his work.
And long as we have his work, his memory will live on. HE will live on.

Thanks for all the great art Frank. Thanks for all the inspiration.

God bless. Godspeed.

My first experience of this illustrators work was the illustrations he provided for my favourite novel, Dune. His energetic linework and draftmanship burned into my consciousness when I was but a wee child.
We've lost a good one people.
My John Schoenherr flickr page
John Schoenherr
July 1935 - April 2010
I've discovered that one of my illustration idols, the golden age American illustrator Charles Dana Gibson is buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge Massachusetts. At some point in the next ten years I intend to visit his final resting place and pay my respects.

Tony Hart

This guy was a fucking legend.  I grew up watching his art show "Hart beat" and I always wished that my work was good enough to turn up on the show. 
Now it never will be:( This man's work inspired me no end.  Man.  What a shitty month:(

Michael Turner

Michael was Thirty-fucking-seven year old. 37.
Arse.  And the most tragic thing is you get the feeling that his best work has ahead of him.
Fuck sticks.

John Conrad Berkey
1932 - 2008



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