Slowly getting arseholed on cans of London Pride as celebration.
Whiskey tomorrow.
Plotting for novel 3 on Sunday.
Depends on the strength of the hangover
I'm just over 8000+ words into my nanowrimo novel and I've come up against something I wanted to avoid writing at all costs. My primary protagonist has entered into a relationship with on of his rooms mates. Which necessitates that I write a love scene. Ugh. I am so looking forward to that experience...

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1000 rss feeds.  1000 new feeds to read every morning.  And that's on a good day.
Normally my feed range from between 1500 to 1800 every morning.  Add that together and it amounts to a serious drain on my working hours when I should be drawing and writing. 

A cull is needed me thinks.

You know, the more I think about the things I'm supposed to be doing, the more i realise how many barriers I've created to my success.  I mean, take for example my work environment.  Currently I'm in a bedroom that looks as if a bomb has hit it.  I writing this on a desk which is filled with paper, leaflets and other pieces of ephemera that have no business being there and really should either be filed away, or thrown away.  I'm surrounded by books that are competing for floor space and comic that are in an assortment of bags.

This isn't conducive to an good working environment.

I need shelves as a matter of urgency.  My books should be on shelves and not on piles on the floor.  I need to be surrounded by inspiration and not by junk.

On a more pleasant note, I now have my reading list for the National Novel Writing Month competition.
It is extensive to say the least and most of it will have to read while I'm writing the novel. (G-d knows how that going to work!) 
I feel like I'm cramming for a school project.  Only this time there is a significant difference:  This project isn't for any grade or assessment.  My that's why I'm so motivated to undertake it.  I'm getting ideas for the story all the time. The more I think about the plot, the more it develops and deepens.

November's going to be a blast!

I feel like a challenge.  I feel like testing myself.  I had an idea for a novel growing in the back of my mind for sometime now and very recently a plot has begun to emerge.
It deals with 70's terrorism but from a fantasy prospective.  The Baader-Meinhof complex or Black September through the lens of Hellboy, Planetary and Harry Potter.
A cat and mouse game that criss crosses a world not unlike our own, but with differences.  Some minor, some large.

Last night whiles watching the Carlos the Jackal mini series, i came across a link to the National Novel Writing Month competition.  I though about participating last year, but retrospect it's best that I didn't.  I didn't anywhere near as much confidence in writing then as i do now. I had a unhealthy fear of the the blank page which used to take me days to overcome.  Not now though.

The deal with the Novel Writing Month, is that you have 30 days to write a novel a minimum of 50000 words length.  Which works out at something like just over 1500 words per day, everyday during the month of November.  The competitions goal is to inspire creativity and short deadline liberates the participant from major rewriting and editing. The idea is to get the idea on paper no matter what.  You can plot the novel before hand and do research, but the 50000 words have to be written from scratch during that 30 day period.

Sounds steep. huh? Well not really.  Either way, want to get from the experience is the pressure of having to work from to a deadline and the liberty from rewriting and editing during the writing process.  Christ I'm looking forward to this!

Well I've just under four days to read several books, watch several documentaries and write a plot.

See you in 30 days.

Oh, in case you're wondering where all the art has gone, well they've been deleted.  No new artwork until I'm able to maintain a constant standard. And I'm slowly working my way through the archive of this journal to cull it of all the childish, wrong headed, stupid negativity.  I can't afford it. I'm tired of wallowing in negativity. 

Who knows. I might even illustrate the novel I'm going to write. 

Wouldn't that be cool?

Addendum: Is anyone else whose reading this participating the the competition?



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