So I'm far enough into the first draft of the novel that the end is now just over the horizon and within sight.  And after a year of life drawing, painting, studying and reading I'm confident enough to start building the visual aspects of my world.  Previously i relied heavily on found imagery, my own photograph and tracing light boxing to create images, all done in an effort to avoid doing the hard graft of gaining the art muscles i knew i didn't have.  And even with the reference i had, i didn't have the necessary skill to interpret it as I saw fit or bend it to my needs.  This all came from a severe lack to practice.  A lesson which had to learn the hard way

But now, having learnt or at the very least having started to learn what i didn't know and know exactly what i didn't know and how to find out how to learn what i don't know, I'm in a far better position than i was last January.

Still, i can guarantee you, writing was the easy part!!

For the next few weeks I'm going to start breathing life into my characters.  With pencil and ink and brushes Im going to try to get them looking as close to how I envision them as humanly possible.
I've got well over 25 empty sketchbook littered around my room.  I aim to fill up at least half of them by the time all of the illustrations are completed.  And i can promise you that they will look at much like this as possible.

And as a rough estimate, we are talking about a 40+ black and white illustrations for a 200+ page book.  Not to mention a color front cover.  To to be done by the beginning of the festive season.

Sweet baby Jesus, i better get started and very organised!!

Wish me luck

Oh yes.  Remind me to show you the books and the artist whom I'm looking at for inspiration.  It's a long and varied list, i can promise you!



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