I'm going to be off the grid for a couple of weeks. Maybe for a couple of months. I need to throw myself head long into finishing the first draft of this bloody manuscript which is becoming more and more of a weight around my neck the longer i work on it. Sure, when I'm working on it, i enjoy the process but i want it to be over so that i can start work on refining and rewriting.

I've been informed from reliable sources that what I've written needs a lot of work before it becomes readable. That although the story i'm attempting to tell is interesting and compelling its major problem is that I've unintentionally left questions unanswered about the world I've created that the reader should know though reading the prose.

I'm looked forward to working on the second, third and maybe fourth drafts which will hopefully move manuscript ever closer to readability.

But first i need to finish the first draft. I'm closer to the end that i am to the beginning. Indeed, I know exactly how the first part of the saga resolves itself and how it leads directly into the second novel (which is basically set over a one week period). I just need to break through that barrier to finish this. My Christmas 2011 deadline looking more and more unlikely:(

I'm being tested. Christ in heaven, am i being tested!

See you when the first draft is done.

Bye bye internet.



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